My Cycling Journey

Since my back health has been all sorted, I've been desperate to get out on the bike again! So where do I start? With an old regular ride I used to do, laps around Hyde Park. It felt good to be back out on the bike in the sun and with the wind in my... Continue Reading →


Cardio vs Resistance Training

The age old question, which should I be doing? Should I do cardio workouts or resistance training. Well to any beginners out there, that completely depends on what your end goals are, how often you want to train, how long you want to train and also what you enjoy doing in the gym. For me... Continue Reading →

Why do I always feel so tired?

A question I seem to ask every morning when I wake up. Why do I always feel so tired? A good friend of mine put this into very simple lehmans terms for me recently. This does not discredit or in anyway disagree that you may have malficiencies in vital vitamins, or that your diet is... Continue Reading →

Gym – Toning vs Bulking

Do I do high reps, low reps, high weight or low weight? Well... that depends fully on what your goals are. Every workout is adaptable and personal to you. There is no single workout that can be perfect for every individual that enters the gym. The key concept that I remind myself regularly, is not... Continue Reading →

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