Lerning About Mental Health in Schools

Mental health is still a very difficult topic for so many to talk about. If it’s a topic that we struggle to talk about, how can we ever understand it. We’re only able to understand something we can discuss and learn from. So, how do we solve this? Where do we start?

Schools. Like with any much more simple problem, the best resolution long term is to look at the source of the problem, nip it in the bud, cut it from the stem. Where does the problem begin? Where and how can we start to talk about it if the stigma regarding mental health starts at such a young age. We have to solve it at a young age. And in order to do that, we need to introduce mental health lessons/curriculum in schools.

Sexual Education was brought in to schools to try help children understand the importance of protecting yourself against sexually transmitted infections, as well as reducing the number of teen and young mothers getting pregnant too early. This is now an expected topic in school and the same needs to happen with mental health.

Mental Health needs introducing into the curriculum across the board, throughout the schooling years. Why? Because at school it is where you are most likely to be affected by mental health issues. Children grow up now in a world covered in social media, opinions, online trolls and many more. Combine these with the expectations that come with exams, coursework, growing up and going through adolescence. How can anybody expect to go through all that and come out the other end with no stress, anxieties, struggles, mental health issues. The younger generation today have a lot more exposure and to deal with than any younger generation before them and the government need to do something about this. They need support. We need support. You need support.

Once these are introduced into the school curriculum, we can teach children how to understand the different types of mental health, what mental health really is, how to deal or react when you find out you, or a loved one has mental health. The sooner we can do this, the sooner we can grow out of the stigma of not understanding and not being able to talk about it. The sooner the better.



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