Small Changes to Make You Happy

When I learnt more about anxieties and realised I had my fair share of some common ones, with the help of those around my I've been on an ongoing journey to make small changes to my life and the way I live it, to help me battle them and become a strong person mentally. Previously,... Continue Reading →


Lerning About Mental Health in Schools

Mental health is still a very difficult topic for so many to talk about. If it's a topic that we struggle to talk about, how can we ever understand it. We're only able to understand something we can discuss and learn from. So, how do we solve this? Where do we start? Schools. Like with... Continue Reading →

Our Ski Trip in Morzine

Back in February, some friends and I travelled to Morzine. And what a trip it was! We'd been to Morzine before, so we knew the resort well which I think always helps when going on a skiing holiday, as it allows you to get more in during your stay. We started with the obligatory trip... Continue Reading →

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