Why do I always feel so tired?


A question I seem to ask every morning when I wake up. Why do I always feel so tired?

A good friend of mine put this into very simple lehmans terms for me recently. This does not discredit or in anyway disagree that you may have malficiencies in vital vitamins, or that your diet is giving you sufficient minerals or protein important to providing energy. But to put it simply and what made a lot of sense to me was this.

Over six years ago, I was back in school, playing rugby five times a week, visiting the gym four times a week, walking most places and generally a very able individual when it came to fitness. Five years later, I wasn’t playing any rugby, wasn’t visiting a gym of any sort but was wondering why was I suddenly feeling so much more tired and unable to perform simple activities.

Simply put, I had lost all my fitness. Yes, I had put on weight, but this does not resemble a persons fitness. It can give an idea of a persons fitness, but that is just an idea. You can be fitter and bigger. Six years ago my body was used to being able to go up a flight of stairs with very little effort and without using much of my energy reserve at all, but now it was needing much more effort and energy reserve for simple tasks than previously.

I like to think of my energy levels as a battery. When I was younger and much more active, my battery was well trained and able to last for 14 hours (for example). Now I am much less active and no where near as fit, my battery only lasts for six hours, so simple small tasks affect my battery life more.

This was an eye opening yet simply and obvious lesson for me, because it taught me that whilst I can go to the gym and work on my physique and strength, which in turn will improve my fitness, it doesn’t improve it enough to get me near to where my fitness used to be. Hence, my decision to improve my fitness by taking on more cardiovascular type exercises. This is when I first struck up the idea and love for cycling. Mainly because I dislike running, and I’m not one for swimming, cycling seemed like a good fit. I fell in love.

So I picked out my bike, started my cycle journey and significantly improved my fitness and found that the two; fitness and fatigue, do indeed correlate.

I now make the effort to ensure that cardio workouts are a part of my routine and keep on top of my fitness levels, trying my best to not let them drop like I had before and I find that my energy levels are great.

Let me know your thoughts and if you have found the same. As I said, this blog doesn’t state that it’s the only reason why you may feel tired, but it helped me.


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