Why do I always feel so tired?

A question I seem to ask every morning when I wake up. Why do I always feel so tired? A good friend of mine put this into very simple lehmans terms for me recently. This does not discredit or in anyway disagree that you may have malficiencies in vital vitamins, or that your diet is... Continue Reading →


Learning About Anxieties & Dealing With Them

I will always remember the day I truly learnt what Anxieties were. I, like you are probably thinking, well of course we know what anxieties are. They are when you get all anxious. Duh! However, it's never truly that simple. I remember my Doctor asking me, "Do you truly understand what anxieties are, and if... Continue Reading →

Gym – Toning vs Bulking

Do I do high reps, low reps, high weight or low weight? Well... that depends fully on what your goals are. Every workout is adaptable and personal to you. There is no single workout that can be perfect for every individual that enters the gym. The key concept that I remind myself regularly, is not... Continue Reading →

My trip to Dubai

I've always had an interest in Dubai. I think it stemmed from when I first heard about the plans to build 'The World' and 'The Palm'. Two man-made islands from scratch just fascinated me. How much money can a country have that they can build their own islands to reflect the worlds countries and a... Continue Reading →

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